Tuesday, 25 April 2017

life, week 16

Because Sunday on a Monday deserves a sweet treat. Easing my way into round three of project I quit sweet treats.

Always happy to see them work together. This time giving new life to part of the garden, with compost.

It has been a while since I have been around the lake. So nice to see how much spring has sprung.

Thumps up for post dinner garden play!

She is really into Roald Dahl these days - and I'm loving it!

Evening walks around the lake for the win. Especially in weather like this.

Because I got a job offer and accepted it. In short: I got to keep my job for another year and I'm super happy about it.

Another weekend, another project - a sandbox for the kids. Sverre is pretty eager to "help" too.

It's so satisying with a project that can be planned and completed in one day. Quote: super pappa and sandbox constructor Sølve

I had forgotten about my strong dislike of sand. Sandbox sand gets everywhere just like beach sand. Of course. We need a strategy to avoid sand all over the house. Is it even possible to avoid the sand? #momproblems

Another afternoon, another walk around the lake. Hoping to keep up this new routine for a while.

handwritten study notes ftw // oh the importance of proper pen selection // thoughts from a Sunday study session at the University reading room

- - -

Week 16: April 17-23

Monday, 24 April 2017

life, week 15

Keeping up the new cabin coffee making ritual: eagerly helping grandpa grind the beans.

Perk of getting up early: watching the sun rise. 

ludo debut and loving it

Listening to her play whilst grading student papers. Oh the life of a (still quite fresh) teacher...

I asked her to find things to bring to Voss; love how organised it is. (If you know me, you know how organised I am, so seeing my daughter being organised - at least for a few minutes - makes my heart sing.)

Easter 2017, part two: Voss bound

Timmy time // mamma time

reaching // deep

Such a beautiful day! I even got some grading done. #thelifeofateacher

We opted for hanging out by the lake instead of skiing. It was the best choice.

favourite toddler // favourite dog

A campfire and hotdogs are always a good idea.

Watching dry leaves dance in the wind. Laughing.

around the house, family holiday home edition

to learn to climb stairs

because the light // also, Sølve made all those blocks for our first niece when she was Sverre's age

thank you and goodbye

almost home // the end of a long day driving - and queuing - in Easter traffic 

- - - 

Week 15: April 10-16

Friday, 21 April 2017

things I like lately

from the Easter 2012 archives // Easter is one of my favorite holidays because we always spend plenty of time outdoors // Fuji Velvia 100F, Canon EOS 500N

- I got to keep my job! (I'm in a temporary position until the end of the school year; the position is now extended for another year. Fingers crossed it will be a permanent position some time in the future.)
- Easter holiday; first a few days at the mountain cabin with my in-laws and then days at Åsly (the family holiday home at Voss) with friends
- the first daffodils, coltsfoot and wood anemones of the season + budding trees - spring has sprung for real
- biking to work every day this week
- evening walks around the lake whilst listening to an audiobook. Started "How to Kill a Mockingbird" but wasn't in the mood for it, so switched to something easier; the third book in the Bridget Jones series.
- this interview with Sarah Britton of My New Roots
- In my fridge: Inside The First Mess' stunning seasonal arsenal 
- hearing Anania Ngoliga play the illimba (thumb-piano) live (via DKS) - such a beautiful sound of that instrument!
- Live redder verden. Litt.
- so fascinated by zero waste life, for example via Zero Waste HomeTrash is for Tossers, Grønare Kvardag and Grønne Jenter. Not planning to do this myself though.
- Søstrene ville ha mer friluftsliv i hverdagen. Det førte til 52 overnattingsturer på 52 uker. + Tursøstre
- roasted root tangles video by Green Kitchen Stories
- listebonanza
- this interview with one of my favorite food bloggers, Molly Wizenberg
- Linn's last post (in Norwegian) - I can so relate to how she describes her body's reaction to sugar - got so inspired I bought her 10 days kickstart menu. Not sure when I'll do it though; probably after my exam - which is in just 11 days...

- - -

Things I don't like lately

- stomach ache, a kind that I have never felt before
- being bloated (sorry, was that too much information?)
- have not been 100 % faithful to this...

Thursday, 20 April 2017

life, week 14

last light // last life 

Avocado sandwich for lunch at work, but dreaming of sweet carbs and chocolate. Fumbling my way back to project #iquitsweettreats. How about you?

When students wish you a happy Easter With a homemade sweet treat. Perk of being a middle School teacher. // Project #iquitsweettreats does not start until tomorrow...

Nibblies, bubbles and catching up with girlfriends - the very best way to start the Easter holiday!

She was full of complaints on the way up. (I remember being just like her when I was little...) Little did she know about all the fun she would have skiing up and down the hills with her pappa afterwards. 

8 am cabin morning idyll. I even had coffee.

Both were so eager to help grandpa grind the coffee beans. A new coffee making ritual at the cabin. 

shithouse boulevard constructor 

the shape of spring

little mr pulk napper and his "vovva"

- - - 

Week 14: April 3-9

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

life, week 13


Some Mondays require wine.

good night // the tulips get to sleep in the chilly bedroom too

good light makes everything pretty - even the mega messy lego table

Note to self: this (busyness) too shall pass and there will be plenty of bright days.

evening spring sky - I really, really like you

A little break to enjoy the scenery on his way up (and down and up and down and up...) the stairs.


Saturday 8 pm: walking home from a productive afternoon in the university reading room - also known as stress management

And then at 9 pm there was wine whilst waiting for the husband to finish dinner. #hesakeeperforsure

Sunday morning I got to sleep in and I got coffee in bed. He is definitely a keeper.

Foggy walk...

...in the am...

...ready for more weekend work.

reading room lunch/snacks/coffee break is serious business

 - - -

Week 13: March 27 - April 2


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