Monday, 23 January 2017

a last hurrah

Sunday night I posted this photo above on my Instagram (I'm halloastrid if you want to follow me) with the following caption:

Starting tomorrow I'm quitting sweet treats (again). I did it for about three months last summer and it felt great. Hoping it will last longer this time. So, who's with me? (Birthday cake is allowed; honey and jam does not count as sweet treats.)

I don't do this to diet. I do it to feel good.

I have a huge sweet thooth and close to zero self-control. I suck at doing the sweets only on Saturdays thing. For me it works better to go cold turkey. Though, as mentioned, I do allow sweet spreads like honey and jam, and all kinds of fruit, of course. And the occational piece of birthday cake or other kind of treat in extra special occations. I'm not a complete fanatic!

It's not about quitting sugar completely; it's about quitting the massive amounts of chocolate, ice cream and pastries that I manage to stuff myself with. It's about trying to keep my blood sugar level more balanced and that way trying to avoid the sugar hangover headaches, plus the grumpiness and short-temperedness that too much sugar give me.

It's about appreciating the sweet taste of cherry tomatoes, a juicy orange and (almost too) sweet dates instead of constantly longing for the next bar of chocolate or box of Mövenpick chocolate ice cream (my favorite!). It's about drinking a cup of chamomile tea before bedtime instead of diving into the candy bowl once the kids are in bed.

I know from experience that the first days (week(s) maybe...) are the worst, both physically and mentally. I also know from experience that it is absolutely worth going through these challenges, because after a while the magic happens; my sweets cravings pretty much disappear and I start to feel more energetic. For real.

So guys, are with me? Project #Iquitsweettreats is on!

Friday, 20 January 2017

things I like lately

The snow and proper winter temperatures from last weekend disappeared as quickly as they came. Today I read 9 degrees Celcius on the thermometer (!) and I spotted the season's first snowdrops. I need this photo to remind me that January is in fact still winter.

- going to bed before ten pm
- the moment when I feel myself falling asleep
- fresh squeezed orange juice with carrot, yellow bell pepper and ginger
- a fresh batch of Linn Sprudlesunn's kick start shot with extra ginger
- homemade pizza from the freezer
- unexpected and very delicious cake at a work meeting
- catching up with an ex-colleague at Norse lectures at the University
- booking tickets for upcoming travels
- this English grammar quiz - I got full score (as an English teacher it would be embarrassing not to get a full score...)
- 10 små endringer for litt mer hverdagsenergi
- 10 tiltak som gir tid til mer lesing
- 10 tips til gjennomføring av digital detox
- Project 333 (via the ever inspiring Listebloggen)
- Anaruh/Listebloggen altså! Du inspirerer stort!
- Sølve bought me ice cream because "you're a super mamma dealing with a kid puking all over you" (fingers crossed that the puking stops with Sverre...)
- a Friday night gin & tonic

- - -

Things I don't like lately

- poor little Sverre is down with the stomach flu - not exactly a good start to the weekend...
- a whole lot of guilt for not spending enough time with my children; sometimes cursing my priorities (full time job and part time studies plus life in general) - yet feeling thankful for the opportunity to do all this

Thursday, 19 January 2017

life, week 2

Is it the weekend yet?

Candles lit on the breakfast table makes up for a rough night and the lack of sleep. Not really. But it makes the early morning a little more cosy.

Stuck in morning traffic. Such a wet and windy week. At least I have an audio book to keep my company. And it's Friday!

Friday afternoon grocery shopping slash workout session for mamma chasing the toddler who refuses to sit in the cart.

Lovliest of all the lovly light, I have missed you so!

The excitement of the first snow!

finally // first snow and sun

Because flowers make me happy. Plus these are still going strong after more than two weeks.

Når høydepunktet en lørdag ettermiddag er å finne navnet sitt i norrønordboken. // Found my name in the Norse dictionary!

Oh fleeting winter light, how much I love thee!

That winter light. Again. Can't stop, won't stop.

- - -

Week 2: January 9-15

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

life, week 1

A clear blue winter morning is a good start to the new year in my book.

And it was made even better with an abundant breakfast table. Plus the very best of house guests, of course.

The last glory of the 2016 Christmas tree.

bye, bye Christmas // hello little climber


Makes me smile every morning! And then I get the song stuck in my head the rest of the day...

fresh carnations in the hallway - check! // first week at the new school - check! // exhausted and ready for rest - check!

no rest for the wicked // julebordshelg i Oslo

Then there was hours of uninterrupted sleep - long passed 0530 am - and this. The wicked will be rested.

Time to hang out with the husband - sans kids, shopping at the January sales, wine for lunch, a sunset by the royal castle, dressing up to the nines, Johan Golden som konferansier, a fancy three course dinner at an even fancier hotel. The Oslo weekend was better than expected.

The perk of waiting for our delayed flight - watching nature show off.

- - -

Week 1: January 2-8

Tuesday, 17 January 2017

life, week 52

to travel sans kids #mamabliss

A good window seat...

...time to think, reflect and journal... watch the changing weather enroute to Tromsø. A much needed little pause in the whirlwind holiday season.

And then to spend time with my favourite two year old...

...and the rest of the family in the far north - especially my newborn nephew, only 10 days old. Aunt Astrid fell deeply in love!

It was the kind of evening that involved all glasses and plates, a table full of scrumptious home cooked food, surrounded by the best of friends. So thankful for all of it.

Here's to a fabulous new year!

- - -

Week 52: December 26 - January 1, 2017

Monday, 16 January 2017

life, week 51

I have just one small pile of student papers left to grade and I will finish them today. Then I'm ready for Christmas. I think. Ready for days off, on the other hand, oh yes!

last lessons - check!

Morning rush hour is not very pleasant. But then this happens - a gentle helping hand from the big sister to the curious little brother - and everything is alright.

the last goodbye

Then there was a last hurrah. Now let the Christmas holidays begin!

abundance and happiness

cousins decorating the grandparents' tree

god jul // from my mum's Christmas Eve table and a curious, sneaky toddler

Curious and sneaky indeed.

made by her // written by her

Christmas Day walk in the wet woods, complete with a campfire and hotdogs.

A pink Christmas weekend period.

 - - -

Week 51: December 19-25

Sunday, 15 January 2017

things I like lately

Happy to have a bit of this in my life again // Fuji Pro 160C, Canon EOS 500N

I meant to post this on Friday, as I normally do with these posts, but then life happened and I watched The Crown on Netflix with Sølve instead. You have seen it, haven't you? We are hooked!

- watching the sunrise above the skies
- a good window seat on the plane
- a new nailpolish in a new favorite shade of red; Dior 954 red glove
- pan fried panko covered cod filets (first time using panko - it was surprisingly good)
- updating my wardrobe a bit at the COS January sales during our weekend in Oslo
- first snow - finally!
- subzero temperatures, sun and blue skies after a very wet and windy week
- sourdough bread with basilica pesto, bacon, brie and red bell pepper
- croissants delivered on my doorstep for Sunday breakfast
- wearing loose fitting dresses and sneakers all week - it's all about the comfort!

- - -

Things I don't like lately

- prioritising my norse studies instead of being outside in the gorgeous weather
- sagging tights - maybe I should try this tip
- an ever growing inbox and no time to tackle it


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